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M-K-D Foundation Programs

The Focus of Our Efforts

Recognizing the enormity of the challenges our society faces, M-K-D Foundation is dedicated to making a lasting impact through our campaigns and programs. While our efforts are driven by our organization’s singular focus, we spread a wide net by investing in a variety of progressive strategies. Learn more about our initiatives and get involved yourself.

Programs: Programs

Gibeon Educational Project

The Gibeon Educational Project (GEP), focuses on preparing final year students in Junior High Schools who are ready to take their Basic Education Certificate Exams (BECE). The project seeks to help students in preparing for their exams through:

1. Spiritual and motivational guidance.
2. Providing free mathematical sets.
3.. Clarifying exam content to students. 
4. Coaching students on successful exam techniques. 

5. Providing extra support through tutoring and mock exams.

The single goal of the Gibeon Educational Project is to improve students BECE results and enhance their chances of getting into Senior High Schools.



The M-K-D Foundation, scholarship programs provide students at various academic levels with assistance to either access or complete their education. We employ various programs to achieve these goals:

Our Scholarships include:​

We will begin accepting applications for the  2022/2023 school year in February 2022


Tabitha Healthcare & Evangelism Project

The Tabitha Healthcare & Evangelism Project (THEP) was designed specifically to support healthcare institutions and professionals to provide quality care to the sick. The project seeks to provide support through:

1. Spiritual motivation and prayer for patients in healthcare facilities.
2. Provide donations to improve the delivery and quality of healthcare to patients by healthcare facilities and professionals.
3. Identifying institutional and individual challenges and seek efficient and effective ways to address them.
4. Provide a platform to bring together different stakeholders in the healthcare sector to address the challenges and issues affecting the effectiveness of healthcare services in Ghana.


The Travel Ghana Initiative

The Travel Ghana Initiative provides excursions to students in JHS and SHS to places in Ghana away from their normal environment in hopes to provide students with classroom lessons to real-life experiences, access to culture, history, and art not taught in school, and to help students prepare for life after graduation and future careers.


Babies for Christ

There is a season for everything (Eccles. 3:1-8) and at the M-K-D Foundation we strongly believe that the season of birth is one of the greatest seasons in the life of a person; and because it is the beginning and foundation, it is important that there is proper care and attention or a life can be negatively impacted (Ps. 11:3). Through the Babies for Christ initiative, our goal is to give new mothers and babies the right foundation to start life so that the child can prosper (destiny and purpose) here on earth. We do so by dedicating newly born babies to God Almighty in Christ Jesus (1 Sam. 1:20) and also providing them with gifts (Matt. 2:11). Jesus commanded us in Matthew 19:14, to let children come to him because theirs is the kingdom of heaven. At M-K-D Foundation we strive to fulfill this commandment, because every child is a blessing from God (Ps. 127:3).

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Widow's Project

Losing a spouse is a painful experience especially because marriage leads to couples cleaving to each other (Gen. 2:24). Beside the emotional pain and trauma of losing a spouse, some individuals also go through financial difficulties. The Widows Project, initiated by the M-K-D Foundation, strives to provide assistance to widows to aid them through the pain and difficulties of losing their partner. Anna in the bible was a widow who devoted her time to fast and pray to ensure Jesus was born (Luke 2:36-38). The M-K-D Foundation strongly believes that by assisting widows we can empower them to devote their time to worthy causes and be the Anna of their generation.

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